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AMREPWork and Supplier Control

Our Supplier Quality Management methods reduce your Cost of Poor Quality, Market and Production downtime through Source Inspection, Production Control and Quality Control, Process and Quality Audits of the suppliers you have manufacturing contracts with. Our mission is to support your quality, technical and procurement departments to enable your suppliers to conform and comply with your engineering and quality specifications and to deliver on time. Our quality and technical teams are deployed in strategic key locations in USA, China, Mexico, and Asia as source inspectors, supplier quality engineers, and technical specialists for pre-shipment inspection, supervise supplier corrective actions, create supplier problems resolutions, or carry out factory audits. Our IS0 and Quality Teams are geared for production processes and systems audits, and to qualify suppliers. We provide you with an on-time, on-line and on site supplier production and manufacturing information feedback.  Our Social Quality Teams carries out social accountability audits to SA8000 standards and international social accountability manufacturing requirements. Our C-TPAT teams give your supply chain security management quick application and implementation of security measures, risk analysis data collection and risk management

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World’s leading computer maker has appointed AMREP as its primary 3rd party supplier quality quality inspection company. AMREP technical teams now support its suppliers manufacturing its printers and computers in Malaysia, China, Thailand and Vietnam….. 
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  • AMREP now adds aerospace engineering and composite material to the wide range of products which our quality inspectors and engineers are working on. Boeing’s largest supplier of fuselage composite materials now use AMREP to quality check and process audits its suppliers in Kedah, Malaysia and in Tianjin China.
  • MexControl, a subsidiary of AMREP opens its warehouse in, Jalisco, Mexico to handle sorting and containment of defective automotive components delivered to contract manufacturers in Guadalajara industrial zones.
  • AMREP sent a Supplier Audit Team to a far off China location to check out Chinese supplier compliance to FDA standards for KV Pharmaceutical Standards.
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AMREP TechnoControl China (ATC)

You can base your supplier supply quality management, supplier production control, technical reviews, designs and material evaluations, supply modifications, supplier interactions, manufacturing management inside China. With ATC you can base your Supplier Quality Control and Product Engineering inside China close to your suppliers. Our China teams can start off your supplier production process from your designs to your market product delivery and more.  

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Supplier Management

AMREP Supplier Management Service is about solving supplier quality problems. As your Customer Supplier Quality Engineer to sort our your supplier production problems our mission is to carry out
  • Final Inspection
  • Line Inspection
  • Process Audit
  • Technical Review
  • Quality Systems Audits
  • Supplier Capabilities Assessments
  • Social Accountability Audit
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