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Solving a supply or supplier problem comes from talking about the problem. Talking to AMREP helps us to put in perspective your immediate problem. There is always a solution to a supplier problem. AMREP can help you or look at possibilities and probabilities in working out a supplier technical issue, or a quality problem or look for a new supplier. Here are your quick contacts for a quick chat on supplier problems resolution.


Isabel @ 1-954- 4430046 or 1 415 9448189 (USA)
AMREP North America Inc.
Email: [email protected]

Mexico, Tijuana

Gabriel @ (+52) 1664 359 6325
Email: [email protected]

Mexico, Guadalahara
Ruth DC @ + 52 3310522026
Email: [email protected]



Lawrence @ 86 755 278 344 26
AMREP China/Hong Kong
Email: [email protected]


Lily @65 62759800
AMREP Vendor Inspection Services
Email: [email protected]



Derrick @ 61 3 9479311
AMREP Vendor Inspection Services
Email: [email protected]



For your needs from USA, Canada or Europe you can call
any US numbers for immediate attention or information packet for work in Mexico or any parts of Asia.

For your enquires from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines or Indonesia you can contact any Asia/Australia offices


AMREP Mexico is Mexcontrol

AMREP Mexico which operated as AMI has transformed itself into MEXCONTROL. Mexcontrol has merged all its Mexican operation in different Mexican cities into one single operation managed through its main Guadalahara office in the West and Tijuana in the East. Mexcontrol has operational offices in Chihuahua, Cuidad Juarez, Reynosa, Puebla.Monterrey, Aquilamentes, Hermosillo, and Nogales.

To find out more about personnel and work contact our Mexican offices.

Upgrading AMREP Operation in Vietnam

AMREP Vietnam operation in Vietnam located in Ho Chi Minh City has grown much bigger with additional new stuff to handle consumer products. A new office has been installed in Hanoi to service electronic companies based in the industrial estates.

For more information on AMREP work in Vietnam contact AMREP Singapore office.


AMREP China upgraded its key China operations in Ningbo, Qingtao, and� Tsintsin by increasing its manpower expertise in metallurgical products, forgings and castings. For Tsintsin the manpower expansion is focused on retooling AMREP focus on aerospace engineering.

For more information on our services in China Ricky Zhang at 86 755 27834526

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