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About AMREP and Procurement Quality

In 1983 we began work with IBM International Procurement Offices in Asia as its 3rd party supplier management service contractor. IBM had purchasing and ODM/OEM contract arrangements with new component suppliers in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines. AMREP was engaged to solve Supplier Quality Problems arising from different suppliers in different countries, different management cultures, different production managements, different workers and the difficulties of long distance supplier and supply management.Our assigned customer�s mission was to provide final product quality inspection, supplier corrective actions, supplier improvement and to meet our customer�s acceptable quality goals.�

Today we continue to provide these services to companies with concern for supplier risk management and risk avoidance. With 25 years of suppliers� experiences, different customers broaden our knowledge base of products and product manufacturing processes, supplier quality management, quality and product standards, quality tools and quality management methods. AMREP now has over 400 plus employees with different skills.

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Isabel @ 1 954 443004 or email [email protected]

Experiences lead to Knowledge
Knowledge leads to Quality Skills
Reliability and Dependability in Service are build from Experience and Knowledge
Commitment to Customer comes from Experienced and Skilled Employees
This is AMREP

The Successes of our Employees in servicing our Customers is the Success of AMREP. Our Employees are Our Assets. Our Customers are the Reasons for our Growth. If you want to join� AMREP and be a part its Growth Team contributing to AMREP Success and its aspiration to be more than a business company send in your application� to [email protected]

How to Contact Us?

In USA:� Isabel� @ 1 954 4430046 or 1 619 5757005
In Mexico: Gabriel @ 52 664� 215 1452 or 408 8764376
In China: Ben @ 86 755 27834626
In Singapore: Lily @ 65 62759800

Supplier Management Tool

Make AMREP Your Supplier Management Tool

�The Fundamentals of Outsourcing Never Changed over times�� says Jim McKiney, IBM IPO, 1990.

�You designed , engineered, and they (suppliers) make. When they make, there are always production problems, quality problems and delivery problems. The further the suppliers are from you the more difficult it is to solve these problems quickly. When the suppliers move their factories to another cheaper country, these problems move with them. In fact there are more problems because their workers and manpower are new. So you look for better options in managing procurement quality!"�

Procurement Strategy

Procurement Strategy

Procurement Strategy is about tactics and techniques in identify, qualifying , selecting, and managing supplier product and production quality. With so many years of working on major companies supplier problems, AMREP can shared its experiences with you and work out a tactical supplier management action plan.

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AMREP Capabilities

Our Customers are world leaders in high technology and consumer products. Check on our capabilities and our history of services by asking us about these well known established customers. We welcome you to contact us for customer referrals.

Please contact:

Isabel, Manager, AMREP North America Inc. for customer referrals at 1 800 692 8539 or email

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