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Our Employed Specialist
Customer satisfaction comes from getting good work done. Good work and satisfaction comes from effective use of skills and experience. AMREP has over 400 employed specialists in China, Mexico and Asia with experiences and skills in what they are best at. They are quality engineering, production, mechanical, electrical, electronics or tool and dies specialists with background in manufacturing. They can� find the supplier quality or technical problems which your contracted manufacturers have, work with them, correct with them and provide streaming work in progress feedback. What better way for you, the supplier�s customer to manage your supplier from a distance with

Our People, Your People and Your Expertise

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Supplier Feedback Control Tools

AMREP has a sophisticated IT base data feedback tool which run instant streaming data feed back flow between our customers, suppliers and AMREP assigned quality and technical teams. More information is available from Isabel on this on-time and on-line management of your suppliers� activities .


Shared Experience

Through our 25 years of working with Asian suppliers we collected information about the kind and type of suppliers you may be contracting with. Our employees get to see good manufacturing systems, bad factories, good or bad managements, good use of quality management systems or disappearing factories. Supplier and Supply management information�� is a pre-requisite to effective�strategic supply management..

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