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AMREP Technology Center in China
AMREP Technology Center in China is your base for working with your China suppliers. We have China based specialists with a strong knowledge base of China suppliers� manufacturing strengths and weaknesses. We support these specialists with manufacturing and production specialists with� tested product and production experiences of working in American, European, Taiwanese and Japanese factories in Malaysia and Singapore. ATC is your bridge between your creative designers and technical engineering specialists and the suppliers. ATC is the place where we review your product manufacturing requirements with the supplier teams. We have technical specialists in mechanical, electrical, electronics or plastics which can be your China team and your extended supplier quality assurance and supplier engineering departments. ATC can create production plans, quality plans, and design changes in support of a supplier production process producing your designs. With ATC in action for your company, your procurement and engineering interaction with your supplier will be faster, integrated, better control and supervised.

ATC is good for new�startups creating a new product which requires a producer in China without the immediate resources to manage the sample test runs by the new supplier in China. Find out more on how ATC can set your new idea, new product design and production rolling forward in China. ATC will provide you the product and technical engineering support inside China, quality assurance and supplier improvement and interaction personnel.�

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Supplier Management Services

� There was this US startup which created a new digital camera. Startups usually start up with a great design idea, venture capital but no manufacturing resources and no �ready for action� manufacturing specialists. It found a young supplier in China. ATC provided our customer first manufacturing specials to go over the supplier manufacturing and technical capabilities. Then we put in a team to work with the supplier in correcting engineering and design problems while interacting with our customer�s design and technical people. When production began we had to supervise the quality issues and testing. Supplier is doing well now. ATC have AMREP doing source inspection on the regular production runs��.Mike Lee, ATC Supply Management�


� In the past US companies� had manufacturing factories in Taiwan, USA and other countries. We had engineers and manufacturing specialists who knew how to set up factories, production lines, and managed the manufacturing process. Now we have almost no factories, very few manufacturing specialists who knows the nuts and bolts of� making a product. Now we have many creative designer, technology engineers but no manufacturing specialists who can understand and work out manufacturing problems with our overseas contract manufacturers. So if they keep this old geezer instead of throwing me away in the US because I am only one in the new product team that can work out the manufacturing issues with the suppliers��.. Larry Petersen, Nortel Inc.

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